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Lucid Khi Talks Sacrifice, Heartbreak, and Hustle

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Maryland-native and LA-based artist, Lucid Khi, recently dropped two singles and a video, and he isn't slowing down. Originally from the DMV area in Frederick, Mekhi Hassell (Lucid Khi) tells us the story of how living in shared-housing, overcoming hardships, and coming to terms with his mistakes has shaped him into the artist that he is today.

Having found a home-base at In the Mix Studios in North Hollywood, Lucid applauds the engineers and staff for their incredible professionalism and quality, mentioning that "[t]his is the best studio [he's] been to", and that "you can leave the studio with droppable content that you literally don’t need tweaked".

With the recent release of singles "Back N Forth" and "100 Roses", we sit down to talk about heartbreak, his past as an Amazon employee, and what the future has in store in the interview below:


Where are you from? When did you get started with music?

I'm from Maryland, the DMV area, a small town called Frederick. I've been making music since I was about 11 on and off, and I started really taking it seriously at like 20

You're from Maryland. When did you relocate here to Los Angeles?

I came in September 2020. I left my job at Amazon, I said “fuck y'all”, and I was out of there. No cap.

Now Bezos left. He can't do it without you, right?

Because Bezos wasn't paying enough!

What’s coming up for you?

I just dropped a video, it’s called “Back N Forth”. It should be actually out on all platforms today as of this interview. I shot it with Moose and Ricky, they're actually from a production company in Atlanta. After that I’ve got another single I'm about to give you; I’m about to lace y’all up with singles! I don’t want to give out any dates or nothing yet.

Tell us a little bit about that next song that's coming out. What's it about?

I recorded that here just the other day. I decided to name it “100 roses”. It's about my girlfriend, baby mama. Girlfriend? Baby mama? Same thing. So yeah, I got a song about her and all the shit we've been through, all the heartbreaks, all the dumbass mistakes we’ve made. In one lyric I say, “all the shit I did, 100 roses still won't fix it”. Look out for that one on all streaming platforms. I recorded that one here at In the Mix Studios. There’s a lot on the way, the next five singles probably are all going to be from In the Mix

What has your experience at In the Mix been like?

Oh it’s been great, bro. This is the best studio I've been to. Like this studio right here is like top dog for me. I've made some of my best music in this exact room. I recorded my second session here, I met my manager here in studio B.

The engineers are incredible; you can leave the studio with droppable content that you literally don’t need tweaked, quality shit, too. That’s overall what I appreciate In the Mix for, I’ve had no complaints at all, no cap. There’s only one other studio that’s given me this feeling: The Salt Mine Studio Oasis in Phoenix, Arizona. If you’re ever there, definitely check them out.


"This is the best studio I've been to. ... I've made some of my best music in this exact room. ... The engineers are incredible; you can leave the studio with droppable content that you literally don’t need tweaked."


What are some challenges you've found getting your footing here in a new area as an artist/as a person? How did you get to where you are today?

One of the challenges I definitely face being out here is just waking up and getting shit done, bro. That's a challenge wherever you are. You got to get shit done. Alone, with a crew, it doesn’t matter. Especially being someone new, you don't know anyone, you know what I mean? When I first got to LA, I was in a shared living space; people were very comfortable there, staying in the same spot. I knew I couldn’t be there, the energy wasn’t right. I figured, “I don't need to be with anyone until I get to where I'm going.” That was a whole challenge in itself, to just be peaceful and just be my own friend.

How have you seen these last few months of your story affect your music?

I've been laying some shit down that kids can grow up off of. I’m not leaving any gaps, I’m telling people how I got where I am, and what it took every day. The sacrifice, the struggle, the pain, I need people to feel this shit.

What other kinds of sacrifices have you made for your music?

I sacrifice my own sanity for this shit. You have to question yourself to be sure, be honest with yourself. You have to leave certain people alone, talk to people you never thought you’d have to talk to. The sacrifices never stop, they’re always going to be there and they’re always going to be costly. I could be anywhere right now, but I’m here because it’s what I want.

Who are some people that have helped you along the way?

Every single person I've met has helped me. Whether it be a hater or supporter, every single person helps, even just me and you right now doing this shit; I'm not going to leave here. The same person I was when I walked in. Everything adds up.

I definitely want to give a shout out to my mom. Obviously, I wouldn't be here without her. My baby mom for sure. She keeps me on my feet, keeps me grounded, my head on straight. My manager, I want to give a shout out to Cee. My brother, my son, he just can't talk; he's too young. Those are the people that definitely keep me going.

What are some of your long term goals in music?

Long term is to be a wealthy individual, not even just in music. I'm gonna be an actor, movies, fucking construction, I'm gonna be doing hella shit bro, like Elon Musk. Definitely get me a couple Grammys, sign some people; I definitely need to sign artists. Work with some legends, become one.

Is there anything else we should know?

I just want to make sure y'all go tap in with the gang man, Lost Files, Anarchy, Mal & Bakems & uujah. Tap in. All gang shit man. Mad love, always love, always going to be love.


Interested in learning more about In the Mix Studios in North Hollywood? Click here to get in touch with us or book a session!


Matt Villanueva is an artist, writer, producer, and engineer living in Los Angeles. Between mixing at Parachute Recordings and working on his own brand of melancholy rock, he enjoys spending time with his bombshell girlfriend and heart-melting Chihuahua, Paco.

Mitchell Tousley is a musician, engineer and recording artist (under the name Kafka Escobar) based out of Utah. He strives to help other musicians achieve their artistic vision, while himself creating a blend of Hip-hop, alternative rock and experimental music. Outside of music, he enjoys being involved in the community and crafting charcuterie boards.

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