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Law “the Outlaw” Lin Disrupts the Status Quo for Asians in Music

Photo: JR Villanueva (@justinrvillanueva)


California-based producer and bassist, Law “the Outlaw” Lin, has worked with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Trevor Daniel, Asiahn, and Durand Bernarr to name a few. From beginning to play the piano at the age of 5 to dropping out of college to tour with major artists, Law’s journey in the music industry has been anything but mundane. Growing up in El Monte, California with an eclectic mix of musical inspirations, ranging from the Chinese opera music played by his parents as a child to bands like Linkin Park and Slipknot, Law recognized that there was no major Asian representation in the catalog of pop music.

“[Asians in the music industry] are underestimated, and we’re underappreciated”, comments Lin. His all-Asian collective of artists, Outdonesia, is here to change that. Bringing recognition to all underrepresented POC artists is the group’s mission, and with the success of artists such as BTS and Rich Brian, the stage is set for a major change in the way Asians are acknowledged in the field.

With the collective’s explosion on the horizon, we sat down to talk about Outodonesia’s relationship with 88rising, his “millennial sexy” production style, and more in the interview below.



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Matt Villanueva is an artist, writer, producer, and engineer living in Los Angeles. Between mixing at Parachute Recordings and working on his own brand of melancholy rock, he enjoys spending time with his bombshell girlfriend and heart-melting Chihuahua, Paco.

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